Monday, July 19, 2010

This Summer has NOT gone the way it was supposed to go!!!

First, and most importantly . . . 

My Nana died

THAT has been the worst.

For everyone that knew my Nana, you know that she was the most amazing grandmother anyone could ever hope to have
and I know I am beyond blessed to have been able to spend 26 years with her. 

When someone dies, at first you are so busy with preparations and visitors and everything else, it is easy to play hostess and get through it.

The toughest times are weeks later when you go to their house and they still aren't there.  It feels like she should be back by now.

It hits you at all different times, in all different ways.  Sometimes, just remembering that I won't hear her laugh anymore instantly puts me in tears.  It just seems unreal.

There have been other things that have made this summer less than what I hoped, such as commuting between Huntington and Charleston and financial situations, but from tonight on, I am going to focus every bit of energy I have on enjoying the month I have before school starts!!!

Here are some of the GOOD things about this summer do far:

I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!  I work at an incredible firm.  I share an office with a super nice girl.  I have two desks, with a chair in the middle that I spin from one to the other.  The lawyers I work for are super nice and it is a super laid back atmosphere!

The Food in Charleston is Amazing!!!!! Who knew??? 

This place:

Had lunch here with the boys the other day, and it was amazing!  
The Pineapple Milkshake was sooo yummy!

And This Place:

Espresso Oreo Ice Cream.  Need I say more?

ALSO, I have been able to spend much more time with my little lovebug this summer than I did during school!!!!

There are many more great things happening, and I am choosing to leave behind my sadness and deciding to focus on new opportunities!!!!

More good things to come!!!!!