Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dress Shopping . . .

Today, the BFF and I went shopping for dresses for graduation 

Jess and me with cupcakes from an amazing new little Morgantown business. . . The Cupcakerie!!!

Her fella is graduating, so she must look adorable for his big day, and me, I just love law school social events . . . you never know who you might see ;)

So, we went to our reliable home-away-from-home, Forever 21

I have SHORT legs, and thus . . .  have always thought I could not wear long dresses, for fear they would drag the ground!

SO, how happy was I today when I found one that I can actually wear?  

I will probably be wearing this to graduation .  . . along with some cute accessories and fun shoes!!!!  

I am very excited!  Love having events to look forward to!