Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Rant . . .

So, I am watching E! News and I just saw the most ridiculous thing and immediately thought
"I must write about this!"

First, Kanye West was on talking about his new album.
He talked about taking a year off and his new album which he is really proud of. 
He even has a song that includes vocals by Rihanna, Elton John, Alicia Keyes and John Legend.
The story talked about how he had spent the last year apologizing for the Taylor Swift debacle
and when asked about it, 
He was very honest and talked about how
he made a mistake even though he meant it with good intentions and people have reacted to him like he killed someone.  I giggled to myself because I thought "He is dead on, the media treated him like he killed someone!!! Yes, he was rude and thoughtless, but in all reality it was not THAT big of a deal."

The VERY NEXT STORY was about how in the wake of Charlie Sheen's latest situation with the hookers and cocaine and trashed hotel room, his fans still have not turned on him.


Kanye interrupts an award speech and has to take a year off and try to rebuild his image.

Charlie Sheen has repeatedly been caught with hookers and drugs
and he will not lose a day of work, UNLESS he is in prison!!!!!


What is the weird hold Charlie Sheen has over America??????

HE IS A LOSER!!!!!  
At least Kanye does not have 4 children that are affected by all of his actions!

If I had to choose, I would choose Kanye over Charlie Sheen any day!!!

Any that is my rant!

Ambria Monique

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gossip Girl Monday!!!

I have a huge, overwhelming, awful 
paper due a week from today.  

So instead of thinking 
about it, I am going to
 write about something 
near and dear to my 
heart . . .

There is a new episode of Gossip Girl on TONIGHT!!!

Last week, as per my usual monday night ritual, I worked on my homework until 9:00 p.m.

I got all comfortable and settled in my bed, 
turned my TV to the CW and ALAS!
Gossip Girl was a rerun.

Tonight, it is back and so is Jenny!

I cannot wait to see what Blair has in store for Little J!

I know that many people might disagree with this, but . . .

I am not mad at Chuck for what happened last season with Jenny!!!

My love Chuck was sad and 
heartbroken (and drunk)
He thought he had lost Blair forever!! 
And then Jenny showed up 
and totally went after it!

I was so devastated when Chuck tried
to propose and was interrupted 
by Dan punching him in the face!
Peonies and the Empire State Building

Chuck and Blair are my favorite couple ever.
The writers have said that they are and will remain to be the main couple of the show, 
so I have complete faith in the fact that they will get back together. 

I do also like when they are at war as well, because it takes a very high level of passion to hate someone that much, haha!

Chuck Bass is my favorite character on TV. 
He has become such a better man since being with Blair.  
They are a beautiful example of two extremely flawed people who truly bring out the best in each other.  

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy . . .

THIS . . . 
is all I can think about right now!!!!

I should be concentrating on my 
massive appellate brief . . 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Productive Day . . .

Sooooo . . . I have this huge paper 
due in about 2 weeks . . .

It is very overwhelming to think about . . .

So today I spent 6 hours at Zen Clay,
an amazing coffee shop near the law school, 
working on this beast!!!

maple latte with pumpkin pie spice :)

Now, if I just do this almost everyday till it is due . . .
I have a pretty good chance of getting a decent grade!

Ambria Monique

Friday, October 15, 2010

Things I Want in My Life!!!

This is how I would like to picture myself looking as I intensely study the law!!!

The Definition of Beauty and Grace

Also, I am REALLY wanting both of these pairs of shoes in my life, ASAP!

Love this polish!

Blair Waldorf much?

But more than anything, this is what I want in my life Right Now:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Buckwheat Festival!!!!!

I LOVE Fairs and Festivals!!!!!!! 
Big Time!!!

This pic is from an AMAZING festival
I went to last weekend in 
Preston County!!!!

The Buckwheat Festival!

These are Buckwheat Cakes!
They are basically a heavier pancake, made out of Buckwheat
and they are good times!!

Noah got some sweet prizes with his dart skills!!!

My prizes were not as classy, but took FAR more
talent to attain!!!!

A staple of every fair experience!

Ramp Wine . . . could only be made in WV!!!!!

Chillin with the livestock

Prize-winning Pumpkins!!!!

We parked near a real-life 
Preston County Peckerwood!!!

PS . . . I cannot believe 
this photograph did not win
the blue ribbon!!!
Beyond Amazing!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hunger Hurts . . .

SO . . . It might be cliche to 
quote song lyrics . . . 
I know, I know, 
BUT . . .
Sometimes they say what you are thinking/feeling 
in just the right way!

"I was having a sweet fix of a 
daydream of a boy
Whose reality I knew, was a 
hopeless to be had
But then the dove of hope
began its downward slope
And I believed for a moment that 
my chances were approaching to be grabbed.

Hunger hurts, and I want him 
so bad, oh it kills
Cause I know I'm a mess
he don't wanna clean up . . . "

Paper Bag ~ Fiona Apple

Sometimes . . . you think your chance
is approaching, only to find out it is not.
And it hurts . . . 

But, life moves on and is beautiful!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can I live here?????

 Can I PLEASE Live Here????

And I want to wear this dress in my dream house, and have a boy there with me in this amazing outfit.  

Monday, September 13, 2010

Time to Quit Being Scared . . .

"A coward is incapable of 
exhibiting love; 
it is the prerogative 
of the brave."
 Mohandas Gandhi

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Inspiring Words . . .

Does anyone know what book this was taken from????

So very, very true . . . .

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Day in Pittsburgh : )

Today, my girls and I went on an adventure in Pittsburgh!

We visited Chatham's campus (Little Kate's alma mater)
Then we went to Shady Side for lunch and shopping!
I got this AMAZING Mac and Cheese At 
Harris Grill Cafe!!!!!

We saw this outfit in the window of Banana Republic, 
and although we are bargain shoppers and would not splurge on it, we had to give it snaps because it is 
"Blair Waldorf Worthy"
(in my words!!!)

I got this hat at Eons, the vintage store.
Totally in the men's department, but I love it!!!

Also, Little Kate got an AMAZING dress to wear to one of our law school dances.  
It looks like something straight off of Mad Men, which is totally Kate's style.

Potter got an adorable fascinator, 
which the fabulous men at the vintage boutique 
promptly bobby pinned in her hair :)

Lastly, I got something I have been 
wanting for a really long time: 
a book journal!

You keep record of all the books you read and write thoughts and ideas you take away from them.  There are also lists to fill out about favorite characters, favorite book destinations, etc.  
I have been playing with it all evening!

It was an all around good day! 
Now I am relaxing and getting ready for the week ahead, it is going to be crazy hectic, as always!!!

Love ya, 
Ambria Monique

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day should be Lazy

And in the spirit of laziness, here is a short, baby blog:

I am OBSESSED with every piece in this outfit.  This would be the outfit Blair Waldorf would wear if she ever decided to "dress down" for a day!!! Waldorf meets law student.  
It doesn't get better than that :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

When the Dog Bites, When the Bee Stings . . .

When I'm feeling sad . . .
I simply remember my favorite things 
and then I don't feel sooooo bad!!!!!

I think this is the perfect time to reflect on
A Few of My Favorite Things!!!!!!!!

1. Bows
I am OBSESSED with bows!!!!!!!
Especially bow headbands!

2. Blair Waldorf
Blair should probably be #1 since she is the one who inspired my love of all things bows!  
She is my fashion icon, her outfits never fail!
On Headbands: "The bow always goes on the right!"

And, She has the greatest accessory of all-time . . .
Chuck Bass!!!!!!!

3. Books and Baths
It is hard to have one without the other,
they are a perfect combination!!!!!!

4. Donuts

5. Johnny and June
World's Real-Life Greatest Couple
They show me that love can overcome many, many obstacles!!!!

6. Lost
Oh, how I miss this show!
Thank goodness I know Jack and Kate 
are together in eternity!!!

7. Larry Fitzgerald and 
The Arizona Cardinals!!!

8. This Random Picture
I saw this in an add on Facebook once
and could not stop laughing!!!!!!
It never ceases to but a smile on my face :)

9. Bromances
I think they are absolutely adorable!!!
I love to see guys bonding, 
enjoying each other's company 
the way us girls always do!!!!!

10. Kurt and Frances Bean Cobain