Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Often, I do not know what to blog about, so I don't blog that often.  Today, however, I was INSPIRED!
My lovely friend Cole does a weekly Book Worm post and I love love love reading it!  Why???  Because, as my dear friend Tommy said the other day, I am a bibliophile.  Books are my passion.  I realize some people might think this is a dorky, DORKY passion . . . but I never denied being a dork!  As much as I enjoy law school, the happiest I ever was in a job is when I was a supervisor at Empire Books and News in  Huntington, WV

Empire is an amazing independent bookstore and I was given a great deal of freedom to create my own displays, advertise the books that I loved, host book clubs, etc.  I felt HAPPY surrounded by all those books all the time.  That passion has never left.  When I am really sad, upset, feeling lost, or can't see beauty in the world . . . I go to a bookstore.  Hiding in the bookshelves, getting lost in the pages, REVIVES me.  

My mom is planning on getting me a Kindle, and while I will love it and it will be very useful for traveling and such, I will never give up old-fashion paper books.  There is definitely a tactile level to my passion for books . . . the smell, the feel of the pages, beauty.  


  1. Makes my heart happy that you like my post :) I love libraries for the same reason. Especially the West Virginia Room in the downtown library. It is one of my happy places

  2. I haven't been to the Downtown library!!! I need to go experience this!