Saturday, May 21, 2011

Walks at the Rail Trail

So, my last post got deleted when Blogger was shut down for awhile, so I am going to try it again!!!

When I moved to Morgantown from Huntington, one of the things that I knew I would miss the most was Ritter Park.  I have spent hours of my life walking around the park and spent many evenings chillin with friends there.

After being in Morgantown almost 2 years, I have finally found a spot where I can get outdoors, enjoy the natural beauty and get some exercise!

These pictures are from my recent walks at the Rail Trail.  

I have been spending an hour a day there: walking, listening to music, and exploring!!!

I have never been good with making exercise a priority because I rarely enjoy it . . . but this has given me an activity that I really love!

Also, the smell of honeysuckle is great addition to the walks!!

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